Discover Your Business’s Marketing Performance in Six Categories! 

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Uncover Your Business’s Marketing Performance In Six Categories

  • Business Listings

    Is your business listed accurately on search engines, directories, apps, and GPS?


    Executive Report shows data from connected apps like Listing Builder and Google My Business to show:


    • Accuracy of sites your business is listed
    • Progress of listing accuracy over time
    • Where buyers and potential customers are searching for the business online


    Ensuring accurate listings is ‘step one’ to increasing customer traffic.

  • Reputation Management

    How are people rating your businesses online?


    Executive Report displays data from Reputation Management, Customer Voice to show your business:


    • Average review star rating from all of the most important sources online
    • Most recent reviews
    • Trending themes in reviewer comments
    • Progression of star rating over time


    A good first impression establishes trust and earns your business more customers.


    Generate more business with fresh reviews and a 4-5 star rating.

  • Social Media

    Is your business engaging with your community & customers online?


    Executive Report uses data from Social Marketing, Facebook and Twitter to show you a progression of the number of people who:


    • Follow your business social media profiles
    • See all your business posts
    • Engage with your businesses online content


    A social media presence builds trust and brand loyalty to drive sales.


    Let data bring awareness to the importance of social media and its effects on your business bottom line.

  • LocalAds



    LocalAds is powered by sophisticated advertising technology that allows advertisers in North America to serve ads to potential clients wherever they are, at the right time.


    • Run local online advertising campaigns
    • LocalAds can predict both offline and online user behaviors
    • Examining your audience’s location data and the devices they’re interacting with


    A social media presence builds trust and brand loyalty to drive sales.


    LocalAds analyzes sequenced physical locations to establish a link between them, learn how your potential customers behave, and improve your campaign’s performance while tracking every important conversion.

  • Google My Business

    Is your business claimed on Google?


    It’s true. Google My Business gets 5X more views than listings which haven’t been claimed by their owners.


    • GMB listing verified and claimed
    • Full ownership your GMB listing.
    • A connection of your Google My Business listing to the platform.


    Users don’t simply look things up on the internet, they Google it!


    Is your business website attracting potential customers?


    Your business website can make or break a visitor’s buying decision.


    • How people are finding the site
    • Insights into their time spent on their website
    • Number of new visits in the current period


    Discover ways to improve your website and convert more visitors into paying customers.

  • Advertising Intelligence

    Is your business reaching your target market?


    Executive Report displays live performance data from Advertising Intelligence, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and includes:


    • Impressions and clicks
    • Conversion and conversion types
    • Return on investment


    Paid advertising is often the first point of contact a customer has with a business.


    Pinpoint what’s earning your business money and uncover opportunities for more effective advertising.

  • SEO

    Is your business showing up first everywhere people are searching?


    Executive Report displays SEO data to show your business:


    • Top 10 keywords
    • Spots moved over a period of time


    Ensure potential customers are finding your business and trusting you over your competitors.


    Turn the spotlight to SEO to identify keywords and strategies that will help your business climb to the top spot.

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Committed To World Class Marketing Services


With over 15 years of experience inside the digital marketing space, our team is dedicated to providing the most effective, proven strategies to meet your companies goals. Whether your a real estate agent, chiropractor, fitness studio, dentist, lawyer or local business owner, we got you covered!


We specialize in building your companies brand and local recognition as well as creating a steady flow of potential new customers and clients for your business.


With the power of leveraging social media tools, we're able to create laser targeted advertisements for your company that are strategically placed inside the news feeds of your potential customers and clients.


No more wasting money on traditional marketing. Only spend money when someone is interested in your ad and clicks on it!


Get Found.

Generate Traffic.

Grow Revenue. 




The Digital Economy has FOREVER changed the way people are doing business today.


Traditional forms of advertising have become

less effective and more costly. 


Today, you can place the right ad, in front of

the right people and only only pay when someone  interacts with the ad.


This means lower costs and a consistent flow of higher quality leads is now possible.


When your business leverages social media, you have a magnitude greater chance of growing your business, capturing more leads, and scaling your business to new levels!

    Create a FREE Snapshot Report!

    Discover Your Business’s Marketing Performance In Six Categories!

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